Your voice privacy

With the help of innovative software and hardware

Provides maximum protection for
your information from
unauthorized access and
tapping of your telephone conversations

Provides the opportunity to
respond quickly to growing
threats at the expense of highly
productive security kernel
You can't be sure you're not tapped

You can't be sure
you're not tapped

So far, mobile applications based on GSM and LTE / SAE technology

there are no mechanisms to ensure security services: privacy and integrity.

The advent of a full-scale quantum computer will allow attackers to hack cryptographic systems-based security protocols in minimal time. Each of us can face the problem of unauthorized recording and tapping: from an individual to a huge corporation.
The urgency of threats related to the secrecy of communication increases with business growth and career development.
This, in turn, leads to a number of risks: to ruin the reputation of an individual or a company as a whole.

The complex provides maximum protection of your conversations from unauthorized access.

A unique technological solution

Use of cryptographically stable encryption algorithms in the post-quantum period

Within the framework of the proposed project it is planned to create a new way of security:

  • privacy and integrity
  • authenticity for mobile and “G” technologies

Based on the use of crypto-code constructions of McEliece and Niederriter on modified elliptical and  flawed codes

This approach will allow:

  • to provide commercial formation and change of key data in the conditions of full-scale quantum computers emergence (to provide cryptographic security)
  • to close the mobile channel from tapping and snatching.

Protection of intellectual property is an important component of our startup

We are still at the beginning of the path, but you can already touch our prototype

And read the development plan


Prototype development



MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

In process


TOR development

Business Analyst, Project Architect, Designer (mobile application), Project Manager

Selection of components

Microcontroller software development

Testing of key transfer, encryption, conversation, correctness of work with phone software

Mobile application development (Niederreiter encryptor, encryption keys update)

Get-to-know tour

-Description that can execute this program in functionality

Logon screen

-Greeting text and three buttons at the bottom: Home, settings, information


1 Slide. subscriber list (allows you to search for an interlocutor)

2 Slide. Selection of an interlocutor (allows to form a request for the server on keys)

3 Slide. Receipt of a private key from the server (according to the scheme of CCC Niederreiter receiving a private key)

4 Slide. Receiving a message about the readiness of the interlocutor to talk (allows you to make sure about the readiness of the interlocutor to talk (received a public key))

5 Slide. Sending keys to the encoder (keys are recorded via Bluetooth to the encoder)


Change of keys of CCC McEliece and Niederreiter (allows to change keys of CCC McEliece and Niederreiter)


Representation  of  program`s creators (the user learns about the creators of the program)


Server software (generation of encryption keys, application update, PSC generator)

Key transfer testing, encryption, server pentesting,phone software testing


Testing and optimization, integration



In process

Testing and optimization, integration


Legal Services

Website development

Who we are

A group of scientists and inventors specializing in cybersecurity

Evseiev Serhii

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


Khvostenko Vladyslav

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of Cybersecurity



Evseev Sergey, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. In 1991 he graduated from the Perm School of Strategic Missile Forces, served in command and staff positions. In 2018 he defended his doctoral work “Methodological foundations for building a security system for banking information resources.” Reviewer of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine in the field of information security of the state, information security systems.


Khvostenko Vladislav, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Cyber Security. He graduated from Université Lumière Lyon 2 with a degree in information technology. Patent Attorney of Ukraine, technology transfer specialist.

Komishan Anton

Senior programmer on the .NET platform


Alexey Tsyganenko

Software Development Engineer



Senior programmer on the .NET platform. 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of commercial software. Developer of a full cycle of web and mobile applications based on cloud technologies using Azure Functions, Azure AD B2C, Azure SQL, Azure Key Vault, Azure Dev Ops, BitBucket, Azure App services.

Main projects:

  • logistics software (Akvelon, Tideworks);
  • trading platform (SoftServe);
  • game portals (Plarium);
  • domain name registration and web hosting system.

Organized, talented and highly skilled software engineer with 5+ years of
professional experience and strong technical background, who possesses self-
discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Able to play a
key role throughout the software development. Oriented on software quality and good performance. Expert in multiple design principles, OOP concepts and debugging techniques. Extensive experience in software design, preparation of technical documentation and implementation of different features.

Invest in
new developments

The potential of the startup is not limited locally, because the production of headphones can be carried out either under а license or using technology transfer. Consumers of the final product are individuals and officials, business corporations and military organizations.
We invite partners, investors and stakeholders to collaborate.
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